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REC ranked among the Best Companies
Rural Electrification Corporation participated in "Best Companies to Work for" survey for the first time and has done remarkably well. The company has been rated in the top 50 companies in the category of companies having less than 1000 employees. REC has been appreciated for providing best in class compensation, benefits and rewards to its employees as compared to other PSUs, Financial Services & Insurance Sector Companies and Companies having employee strength between 500-1000. Company’s Orientation Programme has also been admired as it involves participation of top management including Chainman and Managing director, to inculcate the company’s culture and values in new recruits.
As per the Trust Index Survey conducted, REC has an excellent Corporate Image.The employees take pride in telling others that they work for REC and also feel a sense of pride for what they have accomplished in the organization. The employees of the organization believe that the top management of the company is highly competent and knows the business in and out. The company also conveys a sense of equity through balanced approach in the distribution of intangible and tangible rewards.
The rating reaffirms the forward-looking and performance driven work culture that REC has been assiduously cultivating over the years.

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